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Kitchen Anti-Splatter Guard

Take the difficult mess and cleanup work out of cooking with our Kitchen Anti-Splatter Guard. Arrange this adjustable guard around the cooking area to prevent spills and oil splatter from contacting walls, floor, and other surfaces. Non-stick material is simple to clean, just wash and air dry. Folds flat for convenient storage in any size kitchen area. This guard saves time and effort by keeping splatter contained.

  • Prevent Splashing: Protect stoves and their surroundings from oil or food spills when cooking in the kitchen.
  • Non-stick: A durable non-stick coating on the surface reduces cleaning time.
  • Foldable: For convenient storage, the oil splash insulating board can be folded. It folds flat and may be stored in a cabinet, drawer, or pantry when not in use.

Size: 97 x 30 cm / 38.2 x 11.8 in (length x height)