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Men's Beard Pen Filler

Most people buy 2 or more.

Touch up facial hair color and cover-up grays with our handy Men's Beard Pen Filler. Just a few strokes are all that is needed to make facial hair appear more full, for a younger and more handsome look. Begin by drawing a contour line around the area, then simply fill in as needed. Forked-tip design is easier to use and delivers better results. Special formula resists water, so it won't smudge or fade.

  • Contoured Beard: This beard pen will give anyone the best look of their beard. 
  • Easy To Apply:  Designed with a four fork tip head for a more seamless look. Start by drawing the contour of your beard or mustache and continue to color inside evenly along with the desired shape.
  • Water Resistant Ink: Wear it confidently without worries of it smudging or fading.

Colors: Black, dark brown


Package Includes

  • 1 Pc Beard Pen With Cover
  • 1 Pc Brush