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Dog Backpack Sack Carrier

Sometimes even man's best friend needs a little help getting around, which is when our Dog Backpack Sack Carrier comes in handy. Sturdy design is suitable even for medium-size dogs. Convenient and comfortable transport solution for dogs and owners: it's simple to use and helps pets stay calm and happy. Design is optimized for pet safety, with adjustable fit, breathable mesh, and comfy fabric. Ideal for travel, commuting, transport through crowded conditions, and any situation where it's not suitable for pets to run free.

Material: Polyester
Colors: Black, blue, gray, red


Size  Pet Weight
S 1-4 kg / 2.2-8.8 lbs
M 4.5-8 kg / 9.9-17.6 lbs
L 8.5-15.5 kg / 18.7-34.2 lbs
XL 16-30 kg /  35.3-66.1 lbs