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Elegant Casserole Carrier

No More Flimsy Foils!

The Premium Silicone Casserole Carrier™ is the perfect companion to the disposable foil pan, just open the frame and place the pan filled with your favorite dish inside to instantly improve the portability and transportation. 

When it's time to serve, simply remove the clear lid and place under your dish, No more searching for your lid or weak foil pans bending and spilling! 

Perfect for potlucks, tailgates, BBQs, parties, and more!

Impress your guests with the Casserole Carrier!

Perfect For Every Occasion!

Leaving the party early? Simply remove the foil pan from your Premium Silicone Casserole Carrier™ for the party-goers to continuing enjoying while you take your Premium Silicone Casserole Carrier™ home, No dirty dishes to bring home. Available in red or white!

Make your celebrations easier with the Casserole Carrier!

Convenient And Easy To Setup!

Fits Standard Size Half Baking Pans:

Includes removable "Riser" That allows the Premium Silicone Casserole Carrier to work with two sizes of foil pans.

With Riser: Approx. 11 .75" X 9.25" X 1.5"( Standard Half Pan )
Without Riser: Approx. 11.75" X 9 .25" X 2.5" ( Deep Lasagna Pan )