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Extra Long Expandable Garden Hose

Blue Color Hose have sold out, now we only have Green Color Hose available

Watering your garden has never been easier! The Extra-Long Expandable Garden Hose is capable of expanding up to 100ft/30m25 with water and it can contract to its original length so you can store it easily. 

It helps you easily do all kinds of watering jobs like showering your pets, washing your car, watering your garden, or for your business establishment.

Made with durable, pressure-resistant latex material, these hoses are safe for average water pressure. The solid brass is made from a premium polymer and copper fittings which will not break.

This hose that is light, portable, flexible, kink-resistant to make your watering tasks easier. Our design is so light even a child can handle it.



  • Convenient Expandable Design:
    Make your life easier with the expandable super hoses. These hoses are lightweight, retractable, shrinking, have no kink and automatically expands. You will enjoy doing your watering jobs indoor and outdoor.
  • Space Efficient: 
    Start out 15ft original length and automatically expands up to 25ft when water is turned on and shortens to its original length when the water is turned off. This hose is portable and can store in a small pocket.
  • Durable & Heavy-Duty:
    The hose never kinks tangle or twist, convenient solid brass fittings, high-pressure valve on / off at their end. Highest material quality to make the hoses strongest and flexible expandable available. 



  • Type: Water Hose
  • Material: Latex, brass, high-quality polyester cloth, PVC



  • 1 x Extra-Long Expandable Garden Hose