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Indoor Plants Grow Light

If your house plants are struggling to thrive in low-lit areas of the house, this Indoor Plant Grow Light is a great solution. The ring lamp is 30% brighter than ordinary house bulbs, meaning your plants can get all the light they need to grow. 

  • Full Spectrum Light: There are full-spectrum led bulbs on each ring light, and its illuminance is 30% higher than that of ordinary bulbs. Full-spectrum lights can promote the growth of seedlings.
  • Easy To Use: Insert one end of the acrylic bracket to the hole of the lamp and the other end to the flower pot. After connecting the power supply and choosing the lighting time, the potted plants will get a lovely angel halo to accompany them to grow up.
  • Wide Applications: The Indoor Plants Growth Lights can be used for miniature landscapes, seed germination, insectivorous plant, succulent plant, spice plant herb, and other indoor plants. It can also be widely used in horticulture and flower show to make the plants more natural and beautiful.

Body Material: Aluminum
Colors: Yellow light, pink light