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Interactive Pet Ball

Active pets are happy pets, and our Interactive Pet Ball can provide regular exercise and play opportunities. "Run" and "Jump" modes create versatile play opportunities for dogs, cats, and other small pets. The remote control allows convenient operation, including multiple LED light-up modes. Automatic sleep function conserves battery power. This fun device is a must-have to keep pets healthy and happy.

  • Smart Remote Control: The improved Pet Ball comes with a remote control that allows the owner to regulate the ball's modes as well as the LED light-up modes. 
  • Regain Cat's Interest: Features an added beating function. Beating is an irresistible attraction for cats and dogs. The pet ball can move irregularly or bounce up and down.
  • Different Light-up Modes: By using the remote control, anyone can choose between red, blue, and green, and the multi-color flashing can lure the kitten at any moment and encourage the hunting instincts of cats and dogs.

Colors: Blue, orange, pink