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Kids Calming Swing Hammock

Provide a place for children to gently relax and let anxiety and fatigue wash away with our Kids Calming Swing Hammock. Cradling design creates a safe space that is fun, restful, and easy to relax in. Simple to hang anywhere from a sturdy ceiling mount. Cotton material is soft and resists tearing, stretching, and wear. Well suited to help soothe children on the autism spectrum, with behavioral challenges, ADHD, or sensory processing disorder (SPD).

  • Amazing Therapeutic Benefits: 5 minutes of swinging provides calming effects for up to 4 hours. Soothes away stress, excess energy & meltdowns in no time. The swinging motion strengthens the vestibular and proprioceptive systems by teaching the child's brain and body to work together. This sensory integration greatly improves the child's coordination, balance, body awareness, and concentration.
  • Easy Installation:Can easily be installed indoors or outdoors. Set-up can be completed in under 5 minutes. The swing comes with a string and a carabiner hook. 
  • Durable: Can hold up to 250kg / 551lbs. The fabric is machine washable and can be air-dried. 

Material: Cotton
Colors: Blue, green, red, gray, black
Size: 100 x 280 cm / 39.4 x 110.2 in (length x width)

Package Includes

  • 1 Pc Swing
  • 1 Pc String
  • 1 Pc Carabiner Hook