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Leather Repair Gel

Easily and effectively repair damaged leather items with our Leather Repair Gel. No special tools required, simply match the gel color to the damaged item and apply. Dries quickly and creates a lasting bond that repairs scratches, tears, cuts, holes, and other common marks. Works on leather, vinyl, PU leather, and similar natural and artificial fabric types. Ideal for sofa, furnishings, car upholstery, clothing items, and more.

  • One-for-all Fix: Instantly restore the look of the sofa, car seats, or any other leather items.
  • Instant Results: The formula dries quickly, does not come off and leaves no sticky residue. 
  • Wide Application: It can also be applied on any leather surface object like a jacket, shoe, bag, furniture, etc. The Leather Repair Gel can help repair scratches, cuts, holes, tears, rips, cracks, marks, pet cat, or dog damage, or peeling leather.