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Niimbot Wireless Label Printer

Our compact and advanced Niimbot Wireless Label Printer allows fast and high volume label printing anywhere. Ideal for home and office organization tasks. No expensive toner, ink, or ribbons required: thermal printing technology creates crystal-clear lettering that doesn't smear or fade. Fits in a pocket or purse, for superb convenience and on-the-go label printing wherever needed.

  • Portable: Compact and lightweight. It features a silicone hand strap. Easy to carry anywhere.
  • Easy To Use:Just put the label paper to the printer, edit the label using the app, and connect your phone to the printer via Bluetooth to print.
  • Customizable: Create your own label and design using the free App available in both iOS and Android. It can recognize pictures, supports multiple languages, and convert them into labels.
  • No Ink Cartridge Required.
  • Long Battery Life: 1200mAh rechargeable battery.

Type: Thermal
Max Paper Size: 15mm
Print Speed: 4ppm
Voltage: 100-240V
Black Print Speed: 30-60mm/s
Max. Resolution: 203dpi
Colors: White, pink
Size:7.5 x 13 x 2.8 cm / 3 x 5.1 x 1.1 in (length x height x width)


Package Includes:

  • 1 Pc Niimbot Wireless Label Printer
  • 1 Pc USB Cable
  • 1 Pc FREE 12 x 40 mm Label Paper
  • 1 Pc User Manual