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Vibrant Peacock Net Lights

Create a gorgeous, shimmering light display with our Vibrant Peacock Net Lights. Net design unfolds like a peacock's tail to make a kaleidoscope of beautiful lights. Red, blue, green, and white lights add depth and festive energy to any space. Easy to mount, with no hassle. Perfect for holidays, parties, celebrations, events, mood lighting, and more.

  • Unique Design: The bulbs are connected like nets and spread out like a peacock’s tail to form a beautiful shape. 
  • Safe: Made of environmental protection material. It uses a certified plug to ensure and maximize safety.
  • Waterproof: Waterproof and may be used outdoors without worrying about rainy days.

Battery Type: AAA (not included)
Voltage: 12V
Length: 3m / 118.1in / 300cm
Height: 0.6m / 23.6in / 59.9cm