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Portable Air Compressor Pump

Our Portable Air Compressor Pump brings improved innovation and performance to the standard pump. Digital display accurately shows pressure in real-time, for added safety and precision. The powerful compressor is ultra-compact and portable, easy to take anywhere. Ideal for car, motorcycle, and bicycle tires, balls and sports equipment, air mattresses, workout equipment, and more. This is the fastest, most convenient inflation solution.

  • Digital Display: Detects and shows real-time tire pressure on the digital display accurately to ensure you are well informed.
  • Powerful Compressor: Can easily pressurize to 150 psi to meet the required aeration force for bicycle tires, car tires, football, etc. The powerful compressor can inflate a bicycle tire within 3 minutes.
  • Extended Battery Life: Powered by 5000 mAh Battery. It can be recharged by using a Micro-USB cable.
  • Compact & Portable: Designed to be compact, portable, and lightweight which allow you to carry it effortlessly.

Power supply type: TYPE-C
Power input: 5V
Power output: 5V/2A
Battery capacity: 5000 mAh


 Package Includes: