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Cozy Puppy Harness Jacket

Protect dogs from moisture and the elements with our Cozy Puppy Harness Jacket. Makes walks and outdoor activities more comfortable for dogs, easier for owners. Breathable mesh lining is wrapped in a waterproof layer that seals out rain and blocks wind. The heavy-duty strap provides a simple and sturdy connection point for a leash. Zips up securely to keep dogs safe.

  • Breathable & Waterproof: Made breathable mesh lining and 100% waterproof material to keep pets dry and comfortable in heavy rain.
  • Built-in Harness: Easily strap on any leash to enjoy long walks with the furry friend even in cold weather.

Material: Polyester
Color: Army green, purple, red, black, navy blue


Size Back Bust Neck
S 24cm / 9.4in 36cm / 14.2in 26.5cm / 10.4in
M 28cm / 11in 40cm / 15.7in 29cm / 11.4in
L 32cm / 12.6in 44cm / 17.3in 31.5cm / 12.4in
XL 36cm / 14.2in 48cm / 18.9in 34cm / 13.4in
2XL 40cm / 15.7in 52cm / 20.5in 36.5cm / 14.4in
3XL 50cm / 19.7in 70cm / 27.6in 52cm / 20.5in
4XL 59cm / 23.2in 86cm / 33.9in 60cm / 23.6in