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All-Steel Hardened Hollow Hoe

Make gardening easier, less tiring, and better with our All-Steel Hardened Hollow Hoe. A wide head with a curved blade and sharp points simplifies weeding, digging, furrowing, grading, and more. The hollow design makes this garden hoe lightweight and easier to use. Manganese stainless steel construction is durable, tarnish resistant, and built to stand up to frequent use as good as new.

  • New Design:It uses a special hollow design and is a very practical hand tool for gardeners. It can be used for daily gardening work such as weeding, loosen the soil, planting vegetables, and so on. After the hoe reaching out, just pull it back to quickly weed.
  • Premium Quality:Made of carefully selected high-quality manganese steel, hand-forged and welded, and is very durable.
  • Wide Use: Can be used for household weeding, seeding, ditching, and more.
  • Precautions:This is very sharp. Protective gloves should be worn while using the tool

Size: 16 x 30 cm / 6.3 x 11.8 in (length x height)