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Car Steering Wheel-Mounted Controller

Control automobile devices and functions more easily and safely with this Car Steering Wheel-Mounted Controller. Reduces need to take eyes off the road to adjust radio volume or station, select tracks, operate smartphone or GPS, and much more. Takes only minutes to connect to the car electrical system and mount the control unit. Won't interfere with steering or normal car operation. Suitable for use with any standard design car steering wheel.

  • Safe & Convenient: The controller will help keep the driver's eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel for a safe and convenient driving experience. 
  • 10 Keys: There are 10 keys most often used in daily life like mute, volume +, volume -, next track, previous track, menus/mode, answer phone, hang up the phone, GPS, and stop. 
  • Easy Installation: The package includes controllers, a receiver box, and a connection cable.


1. The control box needs to be connected to the power supply, the control line of navigation, or the DVD. 
2. The controller can be installed in the steering wheel or can be regarded as a remote control. 

Package Includes

  • 2 Pcs Controllers
  • 1 Pc Receiver Box
  • Connection Cables