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Biodegradable Toilet Seat Safety Cover

Avoid unsafe and uncomfortable bathroom situations with our Biodegradable Toilet Seat Safety Cover. Protective material is easy to install without touching surfaces and completely covers the toilet seat without impeding functionality. Eliminates the need for squatting, wiping down surfaces, or touching toilets. Individually packaged covers are ideal for travel, camping, concerts, and more.Suitable for square-, O- and U-shaped toilet seats.

  • Disposable & Sanitary: The toilet seat covers are disposable, perfect for on-the-go, for adults and their families; you can also try using them at home for potty training assistance.
  • Waterproof & Non-slip: The toilet seat covers are made of high-quality materials and are waterproof; they will not slip or slide.
  • Individually Wrapped: Travel-friendly design, with each pack individually wrapped so that it is easy to store in carry-on luggage, a travel bag, a toddler diaper bag, or your vehicle.
  • Easy To Use: Just unwrap and put on the toilet. Fits all toilet seats and is perfect for wide figure.